Security and Access
Control Systems

Access Control/Biometric

Quality security services are need of the hour. Access control & biometric helps in detecting, monitoring and granting access to authorized person within specific area inside his work location. Biometric makes use of biology to detect, identify or recognize a person before allowing their access in any premises. Finger prints, face recognition, voice or typing patterns etc., are some example of biometrics.

CCTV surveillance

The advancement in technology and new inventions in the security and surveillance services is tuning well with residential as well as commercial purposes. Surveillance cameras are used to keep a check on the surrounding areas. It is guarded by trained security specialists or a guard. Network cameras, elevator cctv services are either wireless or wired, connected to IP network.


Taking advantage of the latest development in digital communications systems, using advanced technologies to cater for the local market. Installers and end users can enjoy the countless features that these systems offer. Intercoms for residential, commercial applications, industrial and government sites are available.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarm solutions are designed to protect your assets 24*7 with systems including video and access control. Our services include regular maintenance, support services and inspection.

Sensors and detection panels equipped with Infrared, photoelectric motions
Easy integration with existing systems such as video, other access control.
Verification of alarm for false alarms.

Fire Alarm

Fire alarm systems are for providing fire safety by detecting fire. We offer creative and sophisticated fire alarm systems designed by expertise. They detect smoke, temperature, heat and fire thus alerting hazards in residential as well as commercial areas. Fire alarm control Panel, photo electric sensors, Fire alarm detection and initiation devices and Backup power supply are main components of Fire alarm system. Also integrated with water sprinkler.