Broad band Internet and Lease line

Affordable Broad Band & ILL

We offer broad band and leased line services to our business customers at an affordable price with superior quality and high security. Constant connectivity is needed for transaction and communication over internet.

Internet leased lines for enterprises help them with dedicated bandwidth, high speed and work un-interruptedly. Broadband facilitates is suitable for residential areas.     

Work from Home Solution

With COVID 19 outbreak the world’s largest challenge is working from home. It is important to have internet connections (Presently provided by ISP’S that don’t allow VPN set up) with minimal internet downtime. Our network services are deploying RUT240 professional cellular routers having an Auto APN feature, also supports secondary connectivity through 4G mobile. It is cost effective , easy to integrate, compact and highly functional too. It is the best for home office connectivity.

Enterprises Wi-Fi

Our strong and expertise team provides Wi-Fi solutions and services to enterprises. We undertake designing, managing, maintaining and installing Wi-Fi solutions to hospitality sector & malls and large public gathering with Authentication server support. Dedicated Application keep control of network bandwidth utilization.

Intranet Solutions / WAN / LAN

Towers(Ground based tower/Roof top tower). Intranet WAN/LAN are used to connect devices in close proximity. Our services have helped corporates in getting a dynamic working atmosphere. Intranet offers high security & streamlining of communication.