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Remote hiring: 5 ways employers can adapt the recruitment process Sweden

It’s important to address the issue of network connectivity and not reject a candidate because the call kept dropping. You may lose an extraordinary employee because the technical glitches made them nervous and lose confidence. Video interviews help save significant time in your usual screening and interviewing process. Reducing the number of face to face interviews can lead to significant cost savings. For instance, with video interviews, if you save about two hours per candidate when screening about 10,000 people annually; you could potentially save 20,000 hours a year. The business’s view of the role was that a Finance Director was required now, more than ever. The first stage interviews were conducted by the CEO and a board member, and a short analysis exercise was emailed to the candidates 30 minutes prior to the interview.

Do remote workers get promoted less?

Remote Employees Have Extra Barriers to Progression

Some of the most surprising results detail how executive staff feel remote working affects the career progression of their employees. A huge 41% of survey respondents said remote employees would be less likely to be considered for promotion.

During a remote interview, there is the possibility that something may go wrong. For example, connectivity issues may end the call suddenly, or phone batteries may die. It is therefore crucial to have a backup plan in place if this situation arises. For example, if video calling is not working, both parties should have previously exchanged contact numbers so the interview can be done over the phone. Alternatively, the interview could be extended in order to provide a longer period of time to identify an issue and fix it.


It allows recruiters to talk about the position and the company culture. A study conducted by Lighthouse Research remote interview process stated that 57% of candidates prefer a two-way interview video over an on-demand video interview.

what is a remote interview process

It will be important for you to communicate with job applicants at all stages of the process. Where recruitment has been agreed in line with the amended approval process, the Recruitment and Selection policy remains applicable. Always keep your CV at hand – specifically the one that you send over when you applied. If you have multiple CV’s make sure that you have the relevant one at hand. As discussed previously, try and list your key skills and achievements in bullet point format, plus any researched information that you have about the company in front of you. You should not read these notes, but use them as cues to drive the conversation.

Sensitive Personal Information

We understand that some people work best in the morning, and others late at night and into the early hours. As long as you are performing at the level we expect and it does not adversely impact our overall ability to achieve our goals, then when you work is up to you. After reading the Culture Deck, it’s up to the candidate to accept the role and we’ll move forward with the logistics. We just want to hear how the candidate talks about themselves, their career, and their alignment with our company values. We’ll also use this stage to assess verbal English (VI’s working language). We look at the skills required, the different career journeys to this role, any qualifications gained, and the responsibilities. By doing this, we are opting to be held accountable to our own hiring practices.

  • The kindest and most productive thing you can do is to interrupt and ask them to clarify, start again or move on to the next topic.
  • Submit your CV here and we will forward your contact details to the consultant responsible for recruiting positions that match your profile.
  • You will receive a link to join the interview as a “guest” to this email address.
  • Get yourself into a positive frame of mind by reminding yourself of all of your career achievements to date, and ensure that these are clearly detailed so that you can fire these across.
  • Once a candidate secures an interview, here’s what happens before they arrive.

They also don’t have to worry about travel costs, being late or time away from their current job. Remote interviews are more flexible and can be scheduled with less notice for both interviewers and candidates. The internet may go down or the platform experiences technical difficulties. Make sure to have the candidates email and phone number to hand so you can easily connect. Take a video or photos to give them a virtual tour of your physical workplace.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

By sharing the responsibility to appoint and ensuring a more thorough interview was conducted, both parties were able to glean more from the interview process and were comfortable with making their decisions. If you do not provide the mandatory information required for us to register your business, you will not be able to use our services to advertise your vacancy or have access to our candidates.

Our service level agreement is to get back to you tops within a week after your interview. Although we can not assure that will be the situation all the time due to the high volume of different interview stages, we are committed to keeping you informed throughout the process. Ensure you give your new hire a personal call to keep the human element there. Here at Scede, we’ve been building teams remotely for fast-growing scaleups globally since 2013.

It’s easy to roll out of bed, put on a shirt and join a video call, but punctuality is really tested if a candidate has to travel an hour in rush hour traffic and still present themselves well and on time for the interview. Although it may seem obvious, before you start the interview, check that your phone is switched off, or to silent, along with any alerts and notifications that may popup on your computer. If you are in a house with others it may be worth putting a do not disturb sign on the door. Of course dress as you would at work, even if you are at home and make sure the background the candidate will see is free of any clutter that could be distracting.

How to navigate hiring and recruiting challenges – Employee Benefit News

How to navigate hiring and recruiting challenges.

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