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15 Best Web Design Trends & Ideas For 2022

Smaller companies trying to learn and adopt Nike’s business strategies and style in the desire to build something similar. We have noticed a lot more websites moving toward inclusive content and language in their designs. This should be a norm, and hopefully, this is a permanent shift toward a more universal awareness of the impact of language. More inclusive copy makes the web a place that is more welcoming and more accessible to more people. Neumorphism sticks out because it’s different from most web designs, but sometimes things are built in a standard way because it just works better. The reason we picked “less neumorphism” as a trend is simple — the style is terrible for accessibility.

best website designs 2022

Websites can help them reach the masses and put their objective in front of them transparently. This is also the best way to find funding, build support, spread awareness, devote to the cause, and carry out the mission successfully. Empower, Educate, Enrich your audience with a motivational website and its content. A more straightforward business website, brochure/catalog website helps visitors view your products easily but with less information. But if you have the budget, you should always opt for a traditional business website that is more robust and SEO friendly. But if the online website is not a significant driver for your business and you need an online presence, this website can be beneficial.

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Ver Designs is a design and merchandising company located in California. They work on commercial spaces, project management, architectural critique and more. Each section has a different background color but from the same color palette. RyuCreative is a boutique-style marketing agency in Los Angeles. The female ran company has successfully assisted several different companies in PR, Social Branding, and Creative Design. Moon Choi is based out of New York City, and the designs of this line fit well within the city.

Think about how to capture your story or product in a way that highlights depths of field and shadows. Video, such as the example above, is one of the most tried and true ways to deliver this style effectively. A design handoff and collaboration platform to streamline your entire Web Design Trends product design workflow. Momand Popcornuses retro-style illustrations, badges, icons and other elements as decorations to create an old-fashion vibe. Less texts, more icons and more straightforward navigation menus are used to guide users as they scroll through a website.

In 2018, Square acquired Weebly, which combined the power of Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor for site building and Square’s e-commerce prowess. Now you have the option to create a small business website with Weebly’s popular editor, or choose an online store and build it using Square’s no-frills e-commerce site builder. This business offers unique products people can buy, including home goods, unique décor, and more.

Best Website Design Of 2017: Nowness

Everything from the professionally-shot photo of Josh dancing on the homepage to the vibrant colors and curvy fonts suits the personality Josh would want to communicate. I have an ongoing collection of inspirational websites that are built with tools like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and WordPress. Whether you’re an experienced web designer, developer, marketer, or a newbie looking to learn the basics, there’s something for everyone on this blog. State Creative uses multiple layers – background, mid-, an foregrounds – to put together a variety of elements in a way that’s visually interesting and meaningful. Elements that stack and marge and overlap can establish connectivity between design elements and a depth effect. Layered effects can be obvious and direct or a little more understated.

  • Brutalism is the website design trend that people want to jump on board with, but it’s just too harsh and sharp to work for most projects.
  • With a healthy balance of illustration, photography, text, and blocks of color, the Knowell website is a pleasure to both look at and engage with.
  • The unique serif font consistently used throughout Tiffany’s homepage creates an exciting juxtaposition to the otherwise modern website design.
  • In a world where cramming in more is the common default, this trend is looking to do less while capitalizing on the same benefits of brand recognition, visitor engagement, and conversions.
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  • You can use the standard formatting to emphasize the part of the text in Bold, Italic, and others.

While many of the best websites tend to achieve this using symmetrical layouts, Sharon Radisch approaches balance in an asymmetrical fashion. Going through our curated list, we’ll point out one winning feature for each website—this way, you can accumulate inspiration and learn how to design a website of your own. We’re always on the lookout for great examples, and to celebrate the spirit of this burgeoning creativity, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 best websites of 2022. Website design has come a long way since the dawn of the internet. With the development of technology, and the online opportunities that follow, there comes a wave of innovative websites that give us a whole new standard for what web design means.

How Scalable Are Website Builders?

The Wix Editor allows users to enjoy drag-and-drop website design options which makes the whole creation process easy. Users get to see how The website will look without having to frequently switch between interfaces. In today’s world, creating a website or online store is always a good move in promoting ideas or expanding business ventures. Websites like Mane and Knapsack Creative are great examples of how websites and a homepage can be designed to keep visitors interested.

Dark mode is easy on the eyes and lets visitors focus on the most important things only. Even though many major social media brands joined the trend in 2021, this trend will continue to accelerate in 2022. To create a better UX, either make it automatic with the visitors time or device theme, or you can use a toggle or button to allow visitors to switch between the dark and light modes. The 2D images and flat texts are very common and won’t surprise the audience. But 3D images are less common and can quickly grab the visitor’s attention.

If you’re offering art services or your website is detected at fun-loving youngsters, adding your own design work in the form of doodles or drawings might turn out to be a big hit. With attention span decreasing year to year, users continuously expect more from UX/UI designers. The trends we are currently seeing are the result of changing demands. Just like the dark mode appeared to please the night owls, these new web design trends are here to meet the need for complexity.

They present contemporary high standards of beauty, functionality, and quality. Contemporary website design, be sure to inspect the trends in web design. New types of modern website examples are appearing every day, and we could share them with you every day.

Malika Favre Modern Website Design

More available database tools and no-code platforms mean more people designing for the web can begin building this way, no matter their experience level. This is a significantly more efficient way of building for the web, and it’s becoming much more widely adopted. This year’s trend takes inspiration from the clean, curving lines and repetitive graphic shapes of art deco illustration and architecture.

Rather than incorporating CTAs, content blocks, and interactive experiences on its site, it focuses on blown-up product imagery that speaks for itself. Harper Wilde uses bold fonts to mirror its striking branding, which aims to challenge the status quo selling bras for women. You won’t find any pink or sparkles here—and rather than perfectly Photoshopped https://globalcloudteam.com/ models, Harper Wilde features its products on women of all colors, shapes, and sizes. It also has an online measurement guide to help shoppers find the best size for them. Here businesspersons are allowed to list their companies, looking for investors, partners, colleagues. It is easy to find the required sections, using wide amounts of search options.

best website designs 2022

The most popular, user-oriented websites offer plenty of customizable elements. This is a sublime rejection of normative web design principles. Typography and font are used as the core design elements to make up the layout and space, and vertical scrolling is swapped out for horizontal scrolling. Charming auditory additions subtly further the brand’s messaging, and fluid animations enhance the soundscape.

Check out how Goodbooks blends a number of 2022 web design trends including the Gaussian blur, brutalism, and visible grids to create a stunning and easy-to-navigate website. Serif fonts add elegance and poise, offer a subtle way to draw attention to headers or content, and enhance the overall design of a page. Check out the Sunday Goods Our Story page to see serif fonts displayed alongside sans serif in a bold design that puts the text at center stage. Dynamic elements let you incorporate brand personality and grab visitor attention. This versatile trend deploys at all types of levels, too, from full-on video to small animated elements such as the text in the circle of the header image on Deciem’s home page.


The layout and sensual UI truly exemplify and embody his timeless Spring and Summer 2022 Collection. In Michael Kors’ own words, we are given “nature and rebirth through an urban lens.” Salmon and coral hues contrast with white to suggest a taffy-like sweetness that appeals to the brand’s target market. SVZ Design’s process page alone visually asserts their skill in both UX and product design.

It first introduces visitors to a slider showing the range of products it sells and describes their unique properties with a simple phrase. The website also contains overlapping elements with bold writing and images. The business website is focused on delicacies and first introduces visitors to a ready-made meal before presenting them images of delicacies from their Instagram account feed. Gitman Bros. is a textile-making company that uses its online store to sell shirts made from materials produced by it.

Dynamic content is built around a database linked to repeated structures. The structure can be changed in one place, and you can simultaneously change all your blog posts, for example, without having to manually adjust each one. This is great for anyone building a site with content that is constantly changing — like ecommerce, blogs, portfolios, restaurant menus, or news sites. David Calle’s portfolio site uses oversized text to create a sophisticated, ultra-minimalist design.

If you want my team to just do your marketing for you,click here. Ensure your visitors always know how to get back to the homepage. If you can’t create a heavily interactive site, consider drawing in eyes with a site that presents a slideshow of your photos.

Best Website Design Of 2018: The Frans Hals Museum

From video boxes to vector illustrations – and every bit of imagery in between – Dennis Krawec has a unique visual language that completely enhances his artist website. Many of the best websites rely on a standard navigation menu to help users get from point A to point Z. Forbes Advisor adheres to strict editorial integrity standards.

Breef uses thin lines too, but combines them with lighter typefaces and illustrative graphic elements. With the muted color palette and strikethrough mouseover feature, the overall effect is casual, in a grown-up millennial type way. Its site has a lot of information to communicate, and the clear section divisions, illustrations, and unfussy background help the content stand out. Web design is also moving into the future with exciting contemporary techniques like advanced interactions and animations and visual effects like glassmorphism and grain.

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